Patient Record Integration

The PatientPod system provides contactless monitoring for blood pressure, height, weight, BMI & various lifestyle questions.

Patients can use the system entirely unaided by simply entering their date of birth and gender using the attached touch screen. Once identified the patient can be prompted to answer selected lifestyle questions and are then guided through the measurement process. At the end of the process the patient can see their results displayed on screen and are also given a printout.

The measurements and responses to lifestyle questions are SNOMED coded and posted away to a buffer file awaiting peer review. Once reviewed the information is then accepted individually, by batch or deleted. Accepted results are then filed straight to the patient record in EMIS, SystmOne or VISION.

Free text warnings can be input by each surgery to be displayed to a patient at the end of the measurement process depending on the result of their BP and BMI.

Surgeries can also set up their own alerts system, typically on reception PCs. Then, if a patient’s BP or BMI is above or below user defined thresholds an alarm is sounded in real time on the reception PC to alert the surgery that someone has exceeded these thresholds.

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