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Automatically Measure
Blood Pressure

GP Surgeries

After many years supplying stand alone health monitors for public and general use, we now have the latest monitors approved for medical use.

Our latest version of the medically approved monitor is the M8 Health Monitor. The sleek, modern unit is able to perform the following functions:

measure height
measure weight
calculate Body Mass Index
measure blood pressure
measure pulse rate

The monitor is extremely user-friendly, with visual and audio step by step instructions. At the end of the process, the results are printed to a ticket.

Retail versions of the monitors have been used in the UK for the past ten years in high profile retailers with high footfalls. During this time, millions of users have had their measurements taken, and feel comfortable using an automated monitor, as they have probably used one in the past.

Avaialble as a stand alone system or integrated with EMIS, System One and Microtest  to store measurements directy against a patient's record.